Why DIY? Free Curriculum Is Here!

Pitsco is one of the new AEPA Contracts.  They have marketing assets created around FREE teacher guide downloads to share OCEPC membership.

Pitsco Education’s mission is to enable educators to do what they do best – teach! Although DIY curriculum is nice, creating it from scratch can be time consuming, which is why they developed a brand-new series of teacher’s guides surrounding some of our best-selling kits. Each guide features a variety of STEM activities, pretests and posttests, video links, career information, and applications of the 4Cs.

And – their favorite feature – you can download any of them for FREE right now. Add fresh ideas or support for current projects to your teacher toolbox with just a click.

Balsa Bridges Teacher’s Guide
Egg-Drop Vehicles Teacher’s Guide
Hot-Air Balloons Teacher’s Guide
Solar Vehicles Teacher’s Guide
Solid-Fuel Rockets Teacher’s Guide
Straw Rockets Teacher’s Guide
Toothpick Bridges Teacher’s Guide
Water Rockets Teacher’s Guide
Wind Energy Teacher’s Guide

Plus, AEPA/OCEPC members get 2% off their purchase of Pitsco products along with free shipping on orders of $100 or more!