Tips For Beefing Up School Security With Locks

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School security is one of the burning topics in today’s society. Unfortunately, we hear about school shooting incidents and genuine tragedies all too often. Disturbed students or persons from the outside manage to make their way into a school seamlessly and wreak havoc. All schools around the country have started to beef up security on the premises. Having police officers protect and patrol the school grounds, or hiring security companies for similar protection reasons has turned into a thing of a habit. Elementary schools are no exception.

Continuous security improvement measures should be taken periodically. Both the interior and the exterior of a school should be guarded against intruders, shooters, thieves, and vandals. One of the most efficient ways of accomplishing this goal is by installing high-security locks. Locks should also be fitted on fences, and topped by security alarms and surveillance systems with monitoring cameras recording images in real time.

Security Should Be A Primary Concern For School Managers

If in the past school shooting incidents, kidnappings, or acts of burglary and property damage were unheard of, things have changed dramatically during recent years. Schools need to turn security into a primary concern and collaborate with state and federal governments and bodies, parents and school representatives to make sure students are kept safe at all times.

Oftentimes, parents are required to sign their names in at the school office before they are granted access to the school grounds. Photo IDs and access badges are offered to visitors in order to maintain a proper access management system in place. It is critical not to leave anything to chance or take safety for granted. School staff, teachers and management also need to kept safe against specific threats.

Commercial Locksmiths Boost School Safety

Authorized locksmith that specialize in the entire array of commercial services can accurately assess the security needs of a building and its surroundings and recommend the best solutions. Single or double cylinder deadbolt locks, mortise locks, padlocks, keycard and access code locks are good high-security lock systems that schools could put into practice.

Experienced lock technicians for schools can also handle complex rekey services and lock replacement services for broken, worn-our, faulty, or obsolete locks. When a lock is broken beyond repair, or it has been subjected to a break-in attempt, the most affordable solution is to have the lock re-keyed. When a security upgrade is also taken into consideration, or locks have been lost or stolen, lock replacement is the better security

Master key systems are mandatory for limiting access to sensitive school areas and authorizing the right persons to enter staff offices or rooms where student file cabinets are stored. A good locksmith will sit down with the school staff and management and figure out the best approach to the master key system. These keys will open several doors and eliminate the risk of employee theft or accidents during lockouts.

Padlocked fencing options can also keep students and the school staff safe during the school day and long after all hours are over. While teachers and other school members may have the keys to some school areas, they will not be able to enter the school grounds unless their access is authorized. The school principal and the maintenance personnel are usually the only people who have keys that can open any door on the school grounds.

Are Automatic Locks A Good Idea For Schools?

Some schools have installed automatic locks on the classrooms that lock from the outside when the doors are closed. This way, no one can enter the school grounds unless they have the right key or they knock on the door and the security officers or school staff checks their identity.

When a student need sot use the restroom or leave the room for a different reason, they will knock on the door and be identified buy their teacher before they are allowed to enter the classroom once more.

Some would argue that these measures are exaggerated, or that they may disrupt the course of healthy study cycles. Nevertheless, there are schools that have decided to do a full building lockdown shortly after the bell rings and a new school day begins. Any visitors or students/teachers running late will need to use an intercom system and make their arrival known. They will be buzzed into the school similarly to access in highly security buildings.

Electronic locks that rely on biometric, fingerprint access have also started to be taken into consideration by schools across the country.